Accidents happen. As long as you’re a defensive driver and put down the cell phone you can limit the potential for one, but you can’t do the same for everyone around you. Car accidents always have and always will happen.

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If you were involved in a car accident you may be suffering some pain as a result. This often includes headaches. It may seem strange that you’re suddenly experiencing headaches, but this is a common occurrence. One way you can go about correcting this is with the help of a chiropractor. Car accident injury treatment is one of the many specialties of our staff here at Meyer Medical and Chiropractic.

What Causes A Car Accident Headache?

Often, injuries following a car accident are not immediately apparent. Even if you visited the doctor immediately following the accident, certain injuries will not pop up for several days. It might even take a few weeks. In the case of reoccurring headaches, this is an issue that stems from a pinched nerve. During a car accident, the momentum of your body keeps going, even when the vehicle stops. The restraining belt keeps you from slamming into the windshield or steering wheel by securing your chest to the seat. However, as your chest remains stationary your neck will whip forward. This is known as whiplash.

Whiplash may lead to several injuries. It can pull muscles and it can shift your neck and spin. During this shift, some of the vertebrae may slip or twist, pressing against nerves running through your spinal cord. This added pressure against your nerves can lead to a few issues. One such issue is a headache.

If you have just one headache after an accident and nothing comes back you don’t have much to worry about. However, if you are suffering from routine headaches when you never did in the past it is likely due to a pinched nerve. The best way to fix this is by decompressing your neck and spine and correcting the alignment.

Treat Your Auto Accident Headache Today

If you were recently injured during a car accident and have been suffering from headaches you’re not alone. Millions of people around the country go through something similar. When this is caused by a pinched nerve in your neck or spine the best way to correct the problem is by seeing a chiropractor. Our staff here at Meyer Medical and Chiropractic can help you out with this. Give us a call or make a reservation through our website today. You’re one step closer to headache relief.