At Meyer Medical and Chiropractic, we offer a complete range of chiropractic care services for central Florida residents. If you are experiencing pain, due to an auto accident, it is wise to get treatment from a healthcare professional such as a licensed chiropractor. We help patients suffering from shoulder pain caused by auto accidents find natural relief from their pain or discomfort at our Orlando’s office.

Common Shoulder Injuries from Auto Accidents

Are you experiencing shoulder pain or discomfort after being involved in an auto accident? Your shoulder likely needs treatment for a complete and efficient recovery. Different types of injuries can happen to the shoulder during an auto accident. One of the most common types of shoulder injury is rotator cuff injury, in which muscles attached to the shoulder blade are damaged. Other common shoulder injuries from auto accidents include dislocations, fractured bones, sprains, strains, and bruising.

How We Treat Shoulder Injuries from Auto Accidents

As the first step to your recovery from a shoulder injury, our chiropractor at Meyer Medical and Chiropractic will perform a thorough analysis of your medical history and current condition. This might also include getting certain diagnostics tests performed, such as x-rays and MRI scans. A physical examination of the shoulder joint will be performed to check the range of motion, joint function, and inflammation.

Once the diagnosis is complete, our chiropractor will discuss shoulder pain treatment options with you. Specific chiropractic techniques are more suited to certain conditions. That’s why our chiropractor will provide you with the best possible treatment plan for your particular shoulder injury. Our chiropractic adjustments are ideal for misalignment or dislocation of the joint. If you have suffered from soft tissue damage to the shoulder, other types of chiropractic treatment combined with manual therapy are often effective for optimal relief.

Shoulder pain can linger on if you are not appropriately treated. We can provide a comprehensive recommendation for the best chiropractic treatment after completing the full diagnosis of your shoulder injury. Keep in mind that you might start to experience shoulder pain or other symptoms a few days after the auto accident. The earlier you start treatment, the better chances of quick and full recovery. Chiropractic care for a shoulder injury is noninvasive and does not involve any painkillers.

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