The pain following an auto accident can take days to set in. Even if it’s not readily apparent, you should still seek out a chiropractor to ensure your bones, muscles, and other tissues can heal properly. At Meyer Medical and Chiropractic, our team has years of experience offering natural and effective pain relief to auto accident victims in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Here’s what to expect on your first consultation.

Information and Preliminaries

The first thing our chiropractor will do is ask about your medical history. Let them know any medications you are currently taking, as well as any vitamins and supplements you have added to your diet. This information is important because some medications and dietary combinations could be increasing your inflammation and pain.

Injuries and Details

Our chiropractor needs to know what kind of injuries to look out for, so you should share what you remember about your auto accident. Our chiropractor has years of experience treating auto accident injuries in Orlando and will draw upon this experience to offer you the care you need. Any information you share and any pain you are experiencing will be used to inform your chiropractic care.


After detailing your medical history and discussing your sustained injuries, it is time for the examination. The purpose of this exam is to determine your problem areas and the severity of those problems. Our chiropractor will test your muscle strength, range of motion in certain joints, and general health of your muscles and tissues. This exam is important since it will form the basis of the next step.

Plan for Treatment

Our chiropractor will use the information they have gathered to create a chiropractic care plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle. This plan might include long-term visits, frequent spinal adjustments, and at-home care and practice on your part. You will likely receive your first treatment on the spot in the form of an adjustment which will immediately relieve pain and reduce stress.

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For more information on what to expect during your first appointment with our chiropractor, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (407) 445-4500 or visit our website.

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